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Review Date: 11/25/2012

Price: $23.95/month

Bonus sites: None

Tags: bubble butt, ass tease. jeans ass, tight pants ass, short shorts ass, leggings ass

Ass info.

Total pic sets: 110 Total videos: 47
Avg. pics/set: 65 Avg. vid length: 6 min.
Ass shots/pic set: 60 Ass-focus/vid: 5 min.
% ass shots/pic set: 94% % ass-focus/vid: 93%
Pic sets with anal: 0 Vids with anal: 0
% pic sets with anal: 0% % vids with anal: 0%
Main clothing ass seen in: thongs, panties, jeans, tight pants, short shorts, leggings, tight dresses, bodystockings
Ass rating 15/15
Ass-focus 15/15
Ass poses 11/11
Non-nude ass 11/11
Nude ass 0/8
Anal 0/9
Realness 7/8
Content amount 5/15
Content quality 5/8
Ass Site Rating 69/100

Rating criteria

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Big Booty Nayara is the official site of amateur latin booty model Nayara. I think she may be brazilian, the site doesn't make it clear.

Nayara has one of the best asses I've seen on the internet. It's exactly the kind I like - big, round, firm, and bubble.


There are 110 picture sets (50-80 pics/set). The pictures do a great job displaying Nayara's ass. One of the best things is the outfit variety - you'll see Nayara's big latin booty in almost every sexy tight outfit you can think of - jeans, booty shorts, lingerie, tight dresses, spandex, and more. Another thing that is well-done is the positions you see her ass in - standing, side shots, lying flat, doggy style, etc.


There are 47 videos (3-10 mins. each). The videos are quite similar to the pictures, which is a good thing in this case. And it's not all the same outfits as in the pictures. You get to see her delicious ass in other tight pants and shorts in the videos. In the videos you follow her ass as she walks, dances, and poses. The videos focus almost exclusively on her ass.

Overall, bigbootynayara is a fantastic ass site. Her booty is unbelievable - one of the best on the net. Personally, despite the lower content amount it took me a long time to go through the content because almost every picture was great - no sifting through tons of "filler" content for a few good ones - they're almost all good here!

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