Sandy's Secrets - Ass Review

sandy's secrets

Review Date: 11/07/2010

Price: $24.95/month

Bonus sites: None

Ass Factors
Ass rating 9/15
Ass-focus 9/15
Ass poses, angles 7/11
Non-nude ass 6/11
Nude ass 5/8
Anal 0/9
General Factors
Realness 7/8
Content amount 10/15
Content quality 5/8
Total Ass Site Rating: 58/100
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Sandy's Secrets is a nylons/stockings site featuring the sexy mature Sandy. While the site is mainly about showcasing Sandy both nude and in nylons/stockings, there is quite a bit of focus on her sexy mature ass.

Sandy's ass is more "sexy" with a nice shape than "bubble." It has ample size, but doesn't really stick out there like a bubble butt.

Her butt gets fairly well shown off on this personal-feel site: I'd say you're looking at apprx. 30% of all pictures and time on videos are ass-focused. Now, there isn't the greatest outfit variety here - this is a stockings/nylons oriented site so you're basically just going to get panties on that big mature butt of hers. She also shows quite a bit of nude ass and occasionally spreads her ass for some good asshole views. There's no sex on this site, it's all posing, but not a bad little ass site.

There are 164 videos (3-5 mins. each) & 373 picture sets (65-75 pics/set).

Overall, if you're a fan of mature nylons/stockings and ass this is your site. If you're more like me and not so much into nylons/stockings but like sexy mature asses sandyssecrets is still worth checking out.

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