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Ass fetish clips featuring clips showing sexy asses in a variety of ass-obsessed scenarios. Clips with the most ass-focus, sexiest asses, and that show off ass in the best way get the highest ratings. Each butt fetish clip is presented here only if ass is the main focus. You'll find what you're looking for in these ass fetish clips.

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Giantess ButtCrush in Jeans


My Review:

Apprx. 75% ass-focused clip. Amanda is wearing tight blue jeans and poses mostly in sitting positions on a chair but also some standing positions. Sexy ass poses as she sits on the doll - catch glimpses of her thong. Do a good job showing her ass at different distances and angles from the camera. Fairly strong ass clip overall.

Publishers Description:

With my giantess ass i like to sit on the face and body from this small and tiny girl today. I crush her totaly under my giantess butt in jeans. ButtCrush in perfection! You also like to be under my giantess ass? Yes - you are the next i crush with my ass!

Date Reviewed: 2016-11-04
Length: 4 minutes
Size: 149 MB
Format: wmv

Asian Torment - clip 3


My Review:

Clip is apprx. 35% ass-focused (rest is things like bootlicking and scissor-hold). The facesitting is quite hot. The asian girl is wearing a fishnet catsuit that looks quite sexy on her ass. She grinds her ass & pussy on the guys face (no nudity). Femdom theme.

Publishers Description:

Boot licking , facesitting , head-scissor ...

Date Reviewed: 2016-03-07
Length: 6 minutes
Size: 59 MB
Format: wmv

Giantess Amanda


My Review:

Apprx. 75% ass-focused clip. Camera placed below and points up at Amanda's ass in jean shorts. Mostly close-ups of her ass sitting, also some standing ass poses. Ass shown at different distances from camera, although mostly close-up. No nudity or thong shown. Average ass clip.

Publishers Description:

Ohhhh - do you like this blond little bitch? I dont like her - and i will crush her now under my ass! Extreme giantess facesitting and no chance to escape under my ass! I sit very long on her - so long i want and with my full weight!

Date Reviewed: 2016-11-07
Length: 4 minutes
Size: 157 MB
Format: wmv

Bitch completely flattened


My Review:

60% ass-focused clip. Amber poses in tight gray jeans, standing and doggystyle poses. She sits on a doll - not really my thing but she's sexy and has a nice ass. Average ass clip.

Publishers Description:

Amber sticks the little bitch with Duck-Tape tight to the couch. This way she can't move anymore and is completely at her mercy. Before starting Amber presents her sexy jeans ass but it won't take very long and she sits down right at this bitch! The tiny whore is completely crushed easily - and only her hair and her hands are visible anymore...!

Date Reviewed: 2016-02-22
Length: 5 minutes
Size: 142 MB
Format: wmv

A baloon under Ricky's sexy butt


My Review:

Ricky has a sexy but smaller butt. Entire clip is Ricky sitting on balloons - no straight ass posing. The jeans are sexy and tight and her ass looks good in them, but I would have liked to see more ass posing.

Publishers Description:

Ricky's ass is freakin' hot, and she's now sitting down on a baloon with it. She sticks her booty out and bounces a little on it. That's so damn sexy to watch her hips ride that baloon to make it burst! Only after she executed it with her whole bodyweight, it's bursting loudly!

Date Reviewed: 2016-02-26
Length: 4 minutes
Size: 129 MB
Format: wmv