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Big Booty Town - Ass Review

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Review Date: 28/01/2015
Price: $29.99/month
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General info

Picture sets: 175

Pics/set (avg): 32

Picture quality:
850x1200 (med res)

Zipsets: yes

Videos: 387

Video length (avg): 8 min.

Video quality:
720x480; 1000k (med res)

Downloadable videos: yes

Currently updating: yes
Extras included with membership: none

Ass info

Ass shots/pic set: 27 (85%)

Ass-focus/vid: 6 min. (80%)

Pic sets with anal: 2 (1%)

Videos with anal: 2 (1%)

Main clothing ass seen in: thongs, hotpants, short shorts, jeans, leggings

Big Booty Town is a compilation of sexy big butt amateur women posing and shaking their asses. The site is almost 100% ass-focused, and has very good variety of sexy outfits shown on the butts in both the pictures and videos.

The asses on Big Booty Town are, for the most part, just how I like them - big, round, and bubble. No flat, small butts here. The women are definitely chosen for their big butts. Models on the site include Mistress Stormy, Sexy Greeneyed, and Virgo Peridot.


There are 175 picture sets (20-40 pics/set). The ass-focus in the pictures is very high, with apprx. 80-90% of all pictures being ass shots. They do a good job showing a mix of non-nude and nude ass. In terms of outfit variety, I found a bit too many thongs but overall there's a good mix including leggings, hotpants, jeans, and tight dresses. There's a pretty good pose variety but I found the majority of poses simply standing - they should do more doggystyle poses.


There are 387 videos (7-15 mins. each). The ass-focus in the videos is very high, with apprx. 80-90% of all time in videos being ass-focused. Most of the videos are ass tease/worship videos, with the girl posing in a tight outfit like leggings or hotpants and showing her ass at different angles. There are sex videos sprinkled throughout, but these aren't the focus. Most of the videos tend to be non-nude ass shaking and posing, although there are some vids where the girls get naked and spread the butts for good asshole views.

Overall, bigbootytown rates as a strong ass site. There is a good variety of outfits seen on the butts (although a bit much on thongs) and also nude ass. The women are sexy and almost all have big round bubble butts.

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Ass Site Rating: 73/100
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