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Review Date: 12/03/2014
Price: $34.95/month
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General info

Picture sets: 433

Pics/set (avg): 17

Picture quality:
1000x1500 (high res)

Zipsets: no

Videos: 163

Video length (avg): 2 min.

Video quality:
1280x720; 4000k (HD)

Downloadable videos: yes

Currently updating: yes
Extras included with membership: none

Ass info

Ass shots/pic set: 9 (50%)

Ass-focus/vid: 1 min. (50%)

Pic sets with anal: 0 (0%)

Videos with anal: 0 (0%)

Main clothing ass seen in: thongs, jeans, short shorts, pantyhose

Buttcrush is a somewhat unique site featuring sexy German models planting their sexy butts on a variety of objects - thus "crushing" them.

The asses on Buttcrush are sexy but not really big or bubble. For the most part I found the asses to be smaller-medium-sized. There are a few models with sexier, bigger asses.


There are 433 picture sets (15-20 pics/set). Most sets have lots of good ass shots in outfits like jeans (most common), thongs, and panties. They do a good job at showing the asses at different angles - the most common being looking upat her ass.


There are 163 video clips (1-4 mins. each). Of course, the main thing shown is the girlsitting on various objects like toys, different foods, etc. Personally I'm not overly into the whole "crushing" thing - watching a sexy girl sit on a loaf of bread or a toy fire truck is more funny than erotic for me. But what I like about the site is that there is lots of great non-nude ass content in sexy outfits - especially jeans.

Overall, buttcrush is a somehat unique way to display asses that should satisfy this fetish for you. But also if you just like asses "normally" you should still like the content. Solid ass site.

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Ass Site Rating: 54/100
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buttcrush jeans ass chair sit

buttcrush sit on toy

buttcrush thong sit teddy bear

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