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Princess Monique - Ass Review

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Review Date: 30/03/2015
Price: $35.99/month
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General info

Picture sets: 0

Pics/set (avg): n/a

Picture quality:

Zipsets: n/a

Videos: 479

Video length (avg): 5 min.

Video quality:
1280x720; 2625k (HD)

Downloadable videos: yes

Currently updating: yes
Extras included with membership: none

Ass info

Ass shots/pic set: n/a

Ass-focus/vid: 2 min. (25%)

Pic sets with anal: n/a

Videos with anal: 0 (0%)

Main clothing ass seen in: panties, thongs, hotpants, jeans

Princess Monique is a femdom/humiliation fetish site featuring sexy young brunette Monique. The ass-focus on the site is OK - I'd say apprx. ¼ of the movies are ass-focused.

Princess Monique's ass is very sexy. It has a very nice shape and even has some good size to it. Not completely "bubble," but a very nice ass nonetheless.


There are no pictures on Princess Monique.


There are 479 videos (4-6 mins. each). The ass-focus in the videos varies - apprx. 25% of the videos are ass worship videos that are basically exclusively focused on her ass. But the rest of the videos show little or no ass and focus on fetishes like feet, tits, verbal humiliation, etc. The ass worship videos are very good for ass though. She shows a good variety of outfits and poses with her ass, getting close to the camera. Basically it's non-nude - she'll show brief flashes of her nude ass but nothing hardcore.

Overall, princessmonique rates as a semi-solid ass site. Really, only ¼ or so of the videos are ass-focused - but they are excellent for ass. Just about every clip has a degrading/humiliation aspect - so if you like that, and ass, this could really be your site.

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Ass Site Rating: 55/100
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princess monique jeans ass worship

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