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Review Date: 07/08/2014
Price: $39.99/month
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General info

Picture sets: 39

Pics/set (avg): 12

Picture quality:
1200x1600 (high res)

Zipsets: no

Videos: 467

Video length (avg): 5 min.

Video quality:
1280x720; 2625k (HD)

Downloadable videos: yes

Currently updating: yes
Extras included with membership: none

Ass info

Ass shots/pic set: 2 (20%)

Ass-focus/vid: 2 min. (25%)

Pic sets with anal: 0 (0%)

Videos with anal: 0 (0%)

Main clothing ass seen in: thongs, jeans, latex, short shorts

Team Tease is a non-nude fetish site featuring sexy young models in a variety of tight clothing. The site features a variety of fetishes, mainly ass and foot worship. Almost all videos have a femdom/humiliation theme.

The asses on Team Tease are quite sexy, although not necessarily big and bubble. A couple models do have bigger butts but the main models have more medium-sized asses with nice shapes.


There are 39 picture sets (10-15 pics/set). This section is lacking - the navigation is weird and there aren't many of them. You'll find a few good ass shots in outfits like latex or hotpants, but for the most part this site doesn't have great ass pics.


There are 467 videos (5 mins. each). From an ass-perspective, the videos can be looked at as a mixed bag. About ¼ of the videos focus solely on ass, with the girls posing their butts in tight outfits like jeans, bikinis and panties. These are great for ass-lovers. A lot of the videos, however, have little or no ass - they may focus on feet or mainly just have the girl talking. All videos have a humiliation angle - you'll get called a loser a lot.

All in all, teamtease is a unique site with some good quality ass content. They really stress the femdom/humiliation angle though. Personally, I'm not into that, but I found I could ignore it and just get turned on by the asses.

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Ass Site Rating: 51/100
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